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I have a small update for all of you. I have finally registered a domain for myself – Henceforth, I would be posting articles over there. Please do re-subscribe. Link has been given below.

FoodForMind blog has moved to Avani-Mehta
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6 Ways to Get Mind to Focus When It Does Not Seem Your Own

It sometimes seems to me that I don’t own my mind, it has choices of its own. I want it to focus, generate ideas, be constructive … (In short do as I say!); And it is busy with it’s own task list. It wanders off into past, future, movies, books, conversations … anything and everything except where I want it to be. Times like these have been really frustrating and a cause of lot of unhappiness. Especially, when a deadline is nearby and I need to focus and be productive.

This was true till I found solution to work with my mind, get it to focus and help it to help me. Here are 6 ways to get mind to focus when it does not seem your own: Read More

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Quote for the week

When you are inspired by some great purpose,
Some extraordinary project,
All of your thoughts break their bonds:
Your mind transcends limitations,
Your consciousness expands in every direction
And you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive
And you discover yourself to be 
A greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

– Patanjali

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20 Learnings from Do One Thing Different

Bill O’Hanlon’s ‘Do One Thing Different’  has been a delight to read. It provides a creative way of solving problems. Numerous examples provided make it easy to understand and apply solutions. They also make this book a fun read. Read More

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Quote for the week

You are the author of your biography. 
– Timeless Wisdom by Robin Sharma

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